Drift HD170 HD Action Video Camera with 4X Digital Zoom

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Drift HD170 HD Action Video Camera with 4X Digital Zoom

Product By Drift Innovation
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Drift HD170 HD Action Video Camera with 4X Digital Zoom Technical Details

  • 1080p, 730 or WVGA HD setting, 5 megapixel photos from a 170-degree wide-angle lens
  • Integrated LCD screen so you can line up the perfect shot, preview footage and share with friends
  • RF remote control saves batteries, memory and edit time by making it easy to shoot shorter clips
  • The RF remote also safely starts and stops recording without wrestling with the camera on the fly
  • Multi Sport Mounting

Drift HD170 HD Action Video Camera with 4X Digital Zoom Description

The Drift HD170 action camera is arguably the most feature-rich hands-free video camera on the market. It's loaded with features that many of its high definition predecessors lack - like an LCD screen for lining up the perfect shot and an RF remote to shoot shorter clips, saving precious storage space, batteries and edit time. In fact, the Drift HD170 is the world's first full HD wearable action camera with integrated LCD screen and wireless remote control. The Drift HD170 offers a 170 degree field of view.

The ingenious thing about a 170 degree field of view is that the camera captures your peripheral vision, giving a realistic perspective of speed. The Drift HD170's intuitive operation makes it easy to use. And your Drift HD170 includes multiple mounting options that would cost $75 when purchased separately through other manufacturers. When it comes to features, value, and high quality resolution, the Drift HD170 is impossible to beat!


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Customer Reviews

"Pretty Good!" 2010-08-04
By D Co (St Petersburg, Florida United States)
I've never owned a video camera of this type before, so I have nothing to compare it with. Right off the top, looking at the image of the box on the product page, for me that box makes the camera look huge. It's not.

It's not tiny either, but I am able to remove the camera from my handlebars, and put it in my shorts pocket.

The video quality is really nice. I was pleasantly surprised. My wife had bought a handheld Sony video cam for a recent family trip, and I thought the image quality was muddy looking. I thought, "well, the HD170 camera will be like that, and I should prepare my ego for that hit." No need for the ego prep, the image quality is sharp. You can shoot in a variety of modes, SD, 720, & 1080. (I have been happy using 720, and I'll probably use that from here on out.) It's water resistant, which is great since I'll have this on my motorcycle and it rains here in Florida, so I won't have to run for cover every other block.

In SD and 720 there is a fisheye effect, honestly I like this effect. With a standard camera, it can feel like you are looking at the world through a toiletpaper spool, the fisheye (wide-angle is probably more approriate a term) opens up that view, and it lets the viewer a better feel into what is going on around the user. (supposedly the 1080 mode isn't as fisheyed, I haven't used that mode, so I can't comment on it) The fisheye effect will probably make filming a kiddie party fun, so there is more use for this camera than JUST onboards.

Well, it's the 2nd day of me owning this camera, and I want to get out and ride some more. So far, so good, glad I own it.

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